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Sustainability is a top priority at Aerocentre, and all of the the buildings within the complex are BOMA BEST Gold certified with the exception of 5550 Explorer Drive which holds Platinum designation. BOMA BEST is a national green building certification program that addresses standards for energy and environmental performance of existing buildings. Its Sustainable Buildings certification recognizes excellence in energy and environmental management and performance in commercial real estate.

The exterior of the building consists primarily of double glazed blue vision glass and single glazed blue spandrel panels. The glass offers medium solar control, reducing the amount of direct light, and therefore heat, that finds its way into the building. This reduces the need to excessively cool the buildings, reducing overall energy consumption at Aerocentre.


Risk Management with Riskwise Live

The program provides Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Risk Management Service by correctly identifying, managing, and monitoring risks, and helping to establish the procedures to eliminate or control hazards.

Monthly reports, in addition to annual inspections, provide updates on the status of current levels of statutory compliance plus a general summary of current and planned initiatives to decrease risk while simultaneously prioritizing both personal and environmental health and safety in the workplace.

Intelligent Building Systems & Energy Management –

The buildings of Aerocentre also feature T8 and electronic ballast lighting technology, LED lamps in their lobbies, and LED exit lights. In an effort to reduce unnecessary energy usage, interior lights are managed by a computerized lighting control system, and override switches allow tenants to turn lights on in various work areas should they require additional lighting outside of regular business hours. These fixtures automatically turn off after the override has been activated within two hours for added energy conservation.

Additionally, all washroom lights at Aerocentre are controlled by motion sensors to conserve energy, and all washroom facilities are equipped with water efficient and hands-free toilets, faucets, and soap dispensers with water efficient and hands-free urinals in the men’s washrooms.

Heating & Cooling –

In terms of heating and cooling, Aerocentre has nine gas fired rooftop air handling units provide heating and cooling throughout each building. The temperature of each floor is controlled and distributed by variable temperature, variable volume air distribution boxes (WT). These in turn are controlled by the Johnson Controls Metasys BAS complete with night set back controls for energy efficiency. Supplemental heating is provided by electric heaters located at the perimeter walls of the buildings in order to conserve energy.

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